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Latest Reviews
AKC of Hertfordshire

My daughter bought a car from AKC of Hertfordshire and she is really pleased with the car. Staff was very helpful and patient with us females and went out of his...
Melville Cars

My brother took his car from Melville Cars and I like it very much, I think that they are really good dealers - accurate and polite, so next time I need a car I ...
Influence Cars

I was very happy with the value for money. I recommend them to all my friends and relatives.
Watson Cars

I am really pleased with the friendly professional staff who offered me great assistance while I was choosing my car.I highly recommend that place because of t...
DKW Vehicle sales

My new car is gorgeous, I found it at DKW Vehicle sales and it is in a perfect condition! There I found a lot of nice cars and the staff was extremely nice, they...
Alkrington Motors

Alkrington Motors sells good quality low cost used cars. I have bought my last three from there and had the current one for 10 years. Highly recommended and the ...
The Car Co

I bought a used 206 cc from this company and I would suggest that if you find a car through this company you are very lucky, both there customer service and afte...
Ian Thomson Car Sales

have dealt with this company since 1987 both new and used cars and have found their customer service exellant and have recommended them to many of my friends als...
Burnage Motors

Very rude, aggressive man. Downstairs in the office, when questioning about previous owners of a car, and when it was last serviced he acted very defensive and i...
Chariots Of Ventnor

Terrible service. Took car back numerous times and was returned with problem(s) unsolved. Car currently unusable. Avoid.

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