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AKC of Hertfordshire
Alicia 1317019860

My daughter bought a car from AKC of Hertfordshire and she is really pleased with the car. Staff was very helpful and patient with us females and went out of his way to explain details about the car. Recommend you visiting!
Melville Cars
Samanta 1315896544

My brother took his car from Melville Cars and I like it very much, I think that they are really good dealers - accurate and polite, so next time I need a car I will turn to them and save myself all the troubles, I am sorry I did not know about them before!
Influence Cars
Donny 1314196820

I was very happy with the value for money. I recommend them to all my friends and relatives.
Watson Cars
Steward 1314002198

I am really pleased with the friendly professional staff who offered me great assistance while I was choosing my car.I highly recommend that place because of the good quality and reasonable prices they offer.
DKW Vehicle sales
Nick 1313488806

My new car is gorgeous, I found it at DKW Vehicle sales and it is in a perfect condition! There I found a lot of nice cars and the staff was extremely nice, they helped me pick up the one that was especially for me! I recommend them!
Alkrington Motors
Ron Dickson 1301323934

Alkrington Motors sells good quality low cost used cars. I have bought my last three from there and had the current one for 10 years. Highly recommended and the seller is a qualified mechanic who knows his business.
The Car Co
Darren Challis 1295819487

I bought a used 206 cc from this company and I would suggest that if you find a car through this company you are very lucky, both there customer service and aftercare is second to none. A five star used car company.
Ian Thomson Car Sales
eric mclean 1292276432

have dealt with this company since 1987 both new and used cars and have found their customer service exellant and have recommended them to many of my friends also my son has bought all of his cars from them over the last 12 yrs and has the same high opinion of them as me.
Burnage Motors
ste Heinz 1290361731

Very rude, aggressive man. Downstairs in the office, when questioning about previous owners of a car, and when it was last serviced he acted very defensive and i was told if i didnt want the car to piss off. This man continued to follow me outside, threatened me, and was disgustingly rude to my girlfriend. Was insulting about the car i drove etc etc. Avoid dealing with this company at all costs. Makes me wonder how his customer service would be if you had to take the car back for any reason.
Chariots Of Ventnor
Anon 1288615093

Terrible service. Took car back numerous times and was returned with problem(s) unsolved. Car currently unusable. Avoid.
Thunder Road Sports & Prestige
Charlotte Kay 1287589970

Do not use this garage to sell your Porsche, my boyfriend and I have had possibly one of THE worst experiences with Jon the owner. He is the most unprofessional person I have ever met, not to mention that he has been using our car as his own personal vehicle for the past 2 months. He picked up the car which is a Porsche Cayman S and had it on his forecourt for 2 months. We didn't have any calls in this time, it was us making the contact with him and he kept saying he had no interest. A family member drove past the garage and said the car wasn't on the forecourt so at this point we were concerned. We contacted another garage who we have dealt with in this past who said they could sell the car for us. When my boyfriend called to say we were moving the car elsewhere he was very abusive towards him, called him a very derogatory name, then hung up and proceeded to text him a torrent of abuse. The car is now at a new garage and thanks to Jon there is 900 miles on the clock and we need new tyres (we had new tyres put on before he picked the car up so it would seem they have been changed). Please do not use this guy to sell your car, he is a liar and I hope he goes out of business very soon.
Chichester Car Centre
stephanie 1285760085

Fantastic service and had 2 cars from them. First Class
Crompton Way Motors
Ian 1284207261

Sold me a Completely wrecked car with many engine faults and will not have it back, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!
Stalybridge Motors
A Mills 1283419819

I bought a car from this company with a supposedly new MOT. Within three months I have replaced all four tyres (had bulges), the brake pads (98% worn), the exhaust (corroded off), the CD/radio (had CD stuck in it). I have also had to have a new key made, which I was assured wasn't much and turned out to be 150. The garage that did the repairs was appalled at their attitude when we asked it was covered by their worthless warranty. Avoid at all costs.
Newbury Car Sales
lg 1283198595

Travelled a long way to look at a car that was on their website as 1 owner (told on the phone a lady but logbook gave man's name), 38000 approx miles. Mileage was actually a 1000 approx more than stated on the website and the car had had two owners. I was told a) that it was human error, then b) that it was the computer programme's fault - it could only enter 1 by the number of owners(!). Staff member very agressive when I challenged him. Even though this dealer is a member of the Office of Fair Trading Fair Play charter, it didn't care at all that it gave misleading information which presumably means that the charter carries no weight, sadly. I had travelled a long way because I thought that a signatory to the charter would be honest in their information but I was wrong. Potential buyer - check everything and don't believe anything on their website or what they tell you verbally.
A41 Motor Centre
John Trust 1282590003

Drive past a couple of times a day (early and late) and see decent stock, go to website and there's nothing on it why??? Don't want to drive there at weekend from Buckley on the offchance you have what I want.
The Trade Centre
Richard 1282217160

BEWARE !! Not Honest..They try and hide problems from the Cars they sell..
Treforest Motor Co
simon 1281800494

Nice people to deal with. no pushy salesmen...Good aftersales
Trostre Parc Motor Co
simon R 1281799861

Cars very overpriced and aftersales service is non-exsistant
Yew Tree Car Sales Ltd
Alyn Pugh 1281607088

I bought a car from these people and paid strong money for it, within two weeks it broke down, they had a look at it and informed me that I had let it run dry of oil and it was my own fault they did not care about me at all and wanted nearly two thousand pounds to put it right(more than it would have cost me to go to a main dealer to sort!) I then had to decide what to do and how to pay for the repairs but then two weeks later I got a letter from them saying they wanted an exorbitant amount of money for storage! Do not buy anything from these people as they are lying thieving scumbags they do not care about customer service and will shaft you any way they can they left me thousands of pounds out of pocket on the most expensive car I have ever bought and drove for only a couple of weeks. Oh by the way the car I part ex'd with them was used a couple of weeks later as a getaway vehicle in a robbery and the tax disc was found in a different car and the police came to my house!

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