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eric mclean
have dealt with this company since 1987 both new and used cars and have found their customer service exellant and have recommended them to many of my friends also my son has bought all of his cars from them over the last 12 yrs and has the same high opinion of them as me.
Dreadful customer service, will avoid dealing with you if there are any problems. I bought a used car from them which I found was faulty on the first day of driving (therefore, they actually sold it to me knowing it was faulty!). After giving it back to me on 2 occassions, I had to keep returning it as fault was not fixed, it took 4 months for them to admit they could not repair it. During this time I had only driven the car a maximum of 2 weeks. Then, due to a misunderstanding they refused to give me a full refund on my purchse so I lost out on hundreds of pounds for their incompetence! Avoid at all costs!!!

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